What Is SCOI?

IFMSA-Quebec’s Standing Committee on Immersions (SCOI) was created a few years ago out of the need to bring together various global health initiatives established abroad by medical students from Quebec. Today, this committee prepares and supervises immersion internships in a clinical setting with limited resources abroad. In addition, seeing the need to improve the preparation and ethics of international exchanges at the student level, the SCOI has also given itself the mandate of promoting more ethical student internships abroad and improving the preparation of leaving students’ internships with structures other than IFMSA-Quebec, in particular through the faculties of medicine in Quebec.

In partnership with the faculties of medicine of Quebec, SCOI is recognized as a university elective course at the University of Montreal, the University of Sherbrooke and the Laval University. In addition, thanks to the CREPUQ university credit exchange platform, the SCOI program is recognized in the various medical programs of Quebec universities.

Finally, in order to improve its long-term positive impact on internship environments, SCOI is continuing a pilot project this year aimed at allowing the immersion in Canada of healthcare professionals from the environment of the program’s immersion partners. These immersions will be fully funded through the recurring profits generated by SCOI’s services to students and to the various university faculties of Quebec.


The committee’s mission is to bring Quebec medical students to a high level of intercultural competence and to stimulate their motivation to become professionally involved in global health.

What Means Should We Use to Achieve Our Goals

  • Training and ethical immersion abroad for pre-clinical medical students.
  • Training and immersion in Canada of healthcare professionals from environments of immersion partners of the SCOI program.