What is SCOME?

The SCOME Committee

Our brand new committee on medical education is looking for members to contribute to its creation! Interested in medical education and want to know more about how our curriculums work? Curious about how medical education works internationally? SCOME is dedicated to equipping you with the tools necessary to bring long-term improvements to our training thanks to a vast network of students that are just as passionate and motivated by medical education around the world as you are! Come share your ideas!


Here are some crucial issues about medical education:

  • Discuss and contribute to the development of medical education;
  • Develop competencies in advocacy for medical education;
  • Reflect on global issues related to medical training;
  • Inform members about international medical curriculums;
  • Offer members international opportunities in medical education.

For all questions, or to join our SCOME team, please contact:

Jennie Zhang

National Officer of the Standing Committee on Medical Education (NOME)
[email protected]

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