SCORP Activities

Aboriginal Health Interest Group (GISA)

GISA’s goals are to spread awareness among students of health problems specifically in indigenous populations of Quebec and to improve the health of Natives through preventive measures. Cultural activities, mini-medical schools in indigenous communities and film screenings are some examples of projects carried out by GISA.

Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM)

UAEM is an international organization whose goals are promoting research on and granting access to essential drugs to treat neglected tropical diseases. One of the short-term objectives of UAEM at the Université de Montreal, the second university in the field of research in Canada, is having its researchers sign a charter promoting the organization’s ethical principles in pharmaceutical research.

Conferences and campaigns

Campaigns on topics such as malnutrition, maternal health, child soldiers, homophobia and discrimination, as well as conferences with inspiring figures from humanitarian and social justice fields.

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