SCORE Immersions

Immersions offered to incoming students

41 research projects are offered in our four local committees (McGill, Université de Montréal, Université Laval, Université de Sherbrooke).

You can find our exchange conditions here.

Immersions offered to outgoing students

Once again this year, IFMSA-Quebec is pleased to offer you the possibility of doing research internships abroad!

The IFMSA exchange season runs from April 1st of the current year until March 31st of next year. This means that you can go on an exchange anytime between those dates (as long as the host country can accommodate you during the period you have chosen).

Before applying, please consult the exchange conditions (languages, dates available, documents to send, insurances, etc.) of the countries and make sure you match the criteria for the host country. To find out about available research projects, consult the database. To find out if you are eligible to do a research exchange in a country you want, please see the exchange conditions for the different countries here.

Germany (B)
Austria (B)
Belgium (B)
Catalonia (B)
Croatia (B)
Denmark (B)
Spain (B)
Greece (U+B)
Italy (U+B)
Norway (B)
Poland (B)
Portugal (B)
Czech Republic (B)
Romania (B)
Slovenia (B)
Sweden (B)
Switzerland (B)

South Korea (B)
Indonesia (B)
Japan (B)
Taiwan (U+B)
Thailand (B)

South America
Brazil (U+B)
Chile (U+B)
Mexico (U)

B: Immersions under bilateral conditions
U: Immersions under unilateral conditions