What is Canadian Immersion?

Canadian Immersions

SCOI’s Canadian Immersion Program for Foreign Health Professionals, established in 2012, will allow a partner from the foreign health community to participate in a four-week internship in Canada, in a field related to health sciences and to the field in which they operate on a daily basis in their country.

It is an innovative project fully funded by SCOI. The participant’s accommodation, transport and internship costs will be entirely covered by the income generated by the committee through its training activities in Quebec.

The Canadian Immersion Program hopes to welcome a participant between June and October 2018.

Program Objectives

  • Offer our international partners an experience comparable to that which we offer to Quebec students for the purpose of reciprocity.
  • Allow the candidate to live an enriching experience and to explore a foreign reality to gain new ideas, means and inspiration for the pursuit or creation of projects upon their return to their community.
  • Stimulate the participant, already identified as a leader in their community, to develop a critical and innovative perspective in their field of expertise to create concrete local benefits upon their return and to embody a vector for improving health in their community.

Selection Process

During our many years of collaboration, several leaders of the various partner communities have distinguished themselves by their marked interest in the organizational structure of care, medical education, preventive medicine and public health in Canada.

Considering that coming to Canada can represent a logistical challenge for a foreign professional, we decided to build this first experience as a pilot project and to offer the position to one of them.

If the evaluation of the impact of this first pilot project is positive, SCOI wishes to create a recurring program. Thus, for the years to come, we plan to create an online application platform to build a democratic selection process.

Involvement in Quebec

Would you be interested in accommodating participants and becoming a resource person for the period of their stay in Quebec/Canada?

Are you in the health sector and interested in welcoming a foreign candidate to offer them the opportunity to experience a rewarding internship in Quebec/Canada?

Do you simply want more information about SCOI’s new Canadian Immersion Program?

Do not hesitate to get in touch with the SCOI team.

For more information

Philippe Cajolet
Coordinator of the Canadian Immersion Program
[email protected]