Committees and Projects


IFMSA-Quebec is composed of eight committees: five project committees and three exchange committees.

The five project committees take concrete actions at the national level to promote health and health education, both to medical students and to the general population. These committees are the global health, public health, sexual health, medical education and the human rights and peace committees. Although these five committees each have their own projects, they often collaborate on projects that share common goals.

Our three exchange committees focus respectively on research exchanges, clinical exchanges and international initiatives. These committees propose exchanges in clinical settings, in labs and opportunities for immersion in low-income areas. These committees share the goal of improving the professional and social abilities of medical students in Quebec.


IFMSA-Quebec has multiple community projects which are organizing independently from the standing committees. They are composed of interventions that focus on public health and that are undertaken in schools, in local communities, and even internationally.

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