Curious Eaters


The Curious Eaters projects is a fun and interactive workshop that is addressed to children from kindergarten to the second year of elementary school during which two themes are explored: the discovery of fruits and vegetables as well as the different fun ways to stay active.

The Curious Eaters project was created by a collaboration between students in nutrition and students in medicine at the University of Montreal. The content of the workshop has also been approved by many nutritionists. All presenters are university level students studying in health related fields.

Before becoming presenters, students follow a training day with the goal of allowing students to familiarize themselves with the content and to prepare to offer a quality presentation to kids.

Project Objectives

The project’s main objective is to cultivate children’s interest in discovering what fruits and vegetables are available in the environment and that they are not used to eating. The workshop does not prescribe any foods and does not morally judge the food choices of children or of parents. The goal is simply to introduce children to the variety of food options available to them and break the habit that we have to choose foods that we are used to having, while neglecting others.

The same principle guides the physical activity theme. The workshop intends to have children discover activities that they enjoy without marginalizing their current habits. The end goal is to have fun.

The Workshop

This 60 minute workshop has 4 characters (the dinosaur, the traveler, the farmer and the queen) play out four scenarios that each have their own message to transmit to the kids with regards to diet or physical activity.

In the first scenario, the traveler, the dinosaur and the farmer attempt to showcase the diversity of fruits and vegetables to the children. Children are then encouraged to create their own character with fruits and vegetables (in plasticized paper). This interactive scenario attempts to be creative all while allowing children to interact with fruits and vegetables.

The next scenario attempts to introduce the food groups. These are explained to the children with the help of colorful posters. After the dinosaur’s clumsy mistake, children are invited to class foods according to their food groups.

The third scenario encourages children to vary their diet through the creation of colorful and balanced plates. Children must create a varied meal with the help of foods in plasticized paper.

The last scenario has the queen intervene. The goal is to have the kids move and stay active, make them list some sports and propose ideas about how to integrate physical activity in every day life.

For any questions or information, please contact:

Sophie-Anne Savard
Co-coordinator Curious Eaters Mangeurs (Montreal)
[email protected]

Yi Fan Lin
Co-coordinator Curious Eaters (Montreal)
[email protected]

Anna Linh Tran
Co-coordinator Curious Eaters (Mauricie)
[email protected]

Elise Senay
Co-coordinator Curious Eaters (Mauricie)
[email protected]

Kanaan Shaath
Co-coordinator Curious Eaters
[email protected]

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