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Global Health Conference in the USA

Each year in April, a non-profit organization called Unite for Sight hosts the world’s largest global health conference in Yale, Connecticut. Over two days, “Global Health & Innovation Conference” brings together more than 300 speakers who present on various topics, such as maternal health, the arts, the environment, health policies, infectious diseases, surgeries and more! This is a key conference: it brings together leaders of global health policy, agents of change and participants from all areas of global health, international development and social entrepreneurship!

Each spring, the coordinators of IFMSA-Quebec’s global health committee organize a trip to Yale for all medical students wishing to attend the conference. They rent a large house by the ocean, organize the transportation and take care of all the logistics for the trip. Attendees have even had the opportunity to visit the Yale School of Medicine before.

Attending this conference is a weekend spent in excellent company, it’s a “gang trip”, it’s meeting new people, it’s being up to date with global health issues. In other words, it’s not to be missed!

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Sophie Fournier-Marcoux
National Officer (NOGH)
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