Global Health Colloquium

Mise en contexte

The Global Health Colloquium is an annual event organized by IFMSA-Quebec, the international affairs division of the Fédération Médicale Étudiante du Québec (FMEQ).

Reminder: Our Mission

IFMSA-Quebec regroups medical students in Quebec and aims to raise their awareness and mobilize them around social, cultural and global issues in health. Via awareness projects, international exchanges and position papers, IFMSA-Quebec is devoted to improving health locally and globally.

The Global Health Colloquium directly fits itself into IFMSA-Quebec’s mission via it’s educational role and ability to raise awareness about global issues in health.

Project Description

The Global Health Colloquium is a weekend-long activity filled with conferences and activities open to students in Quebec and around the world.

Mostly regrouping medical students based in Quebec, the event is filled with future medical professionals, as well as other students interested in global health and the general public. The event aims to raise awareness and educate students about an amount of subjects related to global health.

A wide array of subjects are explored: public health, sexual health and HIV/AIDS, global health, human rights and peace, the ethics behind international exchanges and many more. Participants have the chance to participate to conferences given by experts and actors in global health, as well as to participate in more interactive activities, such as supper-meetings.

Our Vision

With global health being a more and more popular subject, many conferences and colloquiums are being held regarding this theme. However, because most of these events target healthcare professionals rather than students, IFMSA-Quebec decided to begin organizing the Global Health Colloquium, an event organized by students, for students.

The Colloquium being IFMSA-Quebec’s major annual event, we hope it distinguishes itself by the quality of its activities and conferences to eventually become a staple event for students interested in global health.

For More Information

Nada Barakat
Coordinatory of the 2022-2023 Global Health Colloquium