Sustainable Development At IFMSA-Quebec

Green initiatives for sustainable development at IFMSA-Quebec


Following AM2018, IFMSA-Quebec has openly positioned itself as a leader in the organization of eco-responsible events internationally. Thus, the executive council was inspired by AM2018 by proposing the creation of a position of coordinator for sustainable development during the general assembly of autumn 2018. The proposal was supported unanimously by the members of IFMSA-Quebec.

The functions of this position include establishing eco-responsible standards for IFMSA-Quebec events. The coordinator will be responsible for proposing solutions and alternatives to reduce the environmental impact of all activities of IFMSA-Quebec and of its members. In addition, this position aims to make students aware of the links between the environment and health while working closely with the organizing committees of national events in order to ensure compliance with responsible standards.

Sustainable development resources

The guide “Planning an eco-responsible event for dummies”

The eco-responsible guide produced by IFMSA-Quebec has been updated! Although COVID-19 prevents us from doing face-to-face events, this guide will be an asset for the future. In addition, you can find eco-friendly advice, thrift stores, composting facilities and much more.

IFMSA-Quebec green cards

IFMSA-Quebec is pleased to unveil its new booklet containing maps of eco-responsible places representing all the cities of its six medical campuses. These cards are intended to be a pleasant tool to help you take the first steps towards a sustainable lifestyle! You will find the location of bulk groceries, thrift stores, composting facilities, volunteer centers and more! Whether it’s doing your zero-waste grocery shopping or buying second-hand clothes, it’s important that everyone does their part to keep our planet healthy. If we all act together, we are able to represent change! We hope that by having better landmarks, you will be more tempted to explore the eco-responsible places in your city!

Other Resources in Sustainable Development

Click on the title above to see the resources that our Planetary Health Task Force has put together. It will be updated with future resources when required!

For any other information or question, please contact:

Sofia Ricciardelli
IFMSA-Québec Sustainable Development Coordinator
[email protected]