Financial Partners

The organizations below are crucial financial partners of IFMSA-Quebec. Thanks to their support, IFMSA-Quebec is able to offer you its many services.

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Financial and Administrative Partners

The four faculties of medicine in Quebec have been partners of IFMSA-Quebec for years. The organization lives on their financial and administrative support.

Symbolic Partners

Organ and Tissue Donation in Medical Education

Organ and Tissue Donation in Medical Education is a pan-Canadian student initiative with the goal of integrating a curriculum on organ and tissue donation within Canadian medical schools. Born from an initiative of IFMSA-Quebec members in 2013, the project today reaches students from all Faculties of Medicine in Canada and demonstrates independence in the management of its human and financial resources.

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Summer School SCMSA

SCMSA Summer School is the combination of a strong scientific program revolving around tropical medicine and a rich touristic program for international medical students. The program has been running successfully since 1995, making it the oldest of its kind in the Middle East. It offers medical students a scientific program that provides a certified experience that deeply enriches the students’ skills and knowledge, by allowing them to perform examinations and obtain medical histories from patients with infectious diseases that are unlikely to be encountered in their own country.

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Université de la Rue

L’Université de la rue is a crossroads of collaboration, in particular, professional, scientific and civic, for researchers, teachers and practitioners committed to social inclusion, integrative and global health as well as worldwide and sustainable health. L’Université de la rue aims for global health for all and considers that the individual, their search for meaning and their place in society are at the heart of the care process.

The MC2 projet is an online platform where students, speakers and professionals from social circles can fill in presentation sheets with their preference. Thus, when a professional is looking, for example, for students wishing to work on an Indigenous health project, they can use the platform. The objective is to create a space for referencing and communication where the values ​​of collaboration and inter-professionalism will be put forward in order to propel valid teaching.

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Partners Specific to Our Projects

Swab the World

Swab the World, an organization that works closely with our members and that is part of the “Fair Fight for All” project, aims to promote the donation of stem cells.

Dr Marsolais’ Mission

Dr Marsolais’ Mission aims to educate the health community and the general public about organ donation and is a partner with our members working on the “Demystifying Organ Donation” project.

Become a Partner of IFMSA-Quebec

Is your organization interested in supporting our cause? You can write to [email protected] to contact our Vice-Presidency for External Affairs and/or [email protected] to contact our Vice-Presidency for Finance.  It would be our pleasure to answer you! Our new sponsorship plan will also be available shortly!