Internal Resources

IFMSA-Quebec’s multiple committees produce a variety of guides and resources on many different subjects. Here are a few! This list will be updated every time a new guide is created.

Reporting – IFMSA Quebec

Official Documents

IFMSA-Quebec General Regulations (October 2020)

Guide: “Planning an Eco-Responsible Event for Dummies”

The eco-responsible guide, produced by IFMSA-Quebec, has been updated! Although COVID-19 prevents us from holding face-to-face events at the moment, this guide is a great asset for the future. In it, you can find eco-friendly advice, thrift stores, composting places, and more.

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Collection of Letters “To the Diversified Medical Succession”

Starting medical school can be stressful because of all the necessary adaptations. It is not easy, especially when the feeling of belonging is absent. This can be further amplified if you don’t see yourself in your peers. Therefore, the goal of this project is to provide new medical students from under-represented communities with welcome letters tailored to their community. Since these letters are written by medical students, we hope you will see yourself in one of these people and connect with their story. In these letters you will find their personal story, as well as encouragement and advice that can help you on your personal journey. We want you to know that you are not alone and that many have gone down the same path. Here is the collection in French and English .

IFMSA-Quebec’s Green Maps of Eco-Responsible Places

IFMSA-Quebec is pleased to unveil its new booklet containing maps of eco-responsible places representing all the cities of its (previously) six medical campuses. These maps are intended to be a pleasant tool to help you take your first steps towards a sustainable lifestyle! You will find the locations of bulk groceries, thrift stores, composting sites, volunteer centers and more! Whether it’s going zero-waste grocery shopping or buying second-hand clothes, it’s important that everyone does their part to keep our planet healthy. If we all act together, we are able to represent change! We hope that by having better landmarks, you will be more tempted to explore the eco-responsible places in your city!

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Guide du participant du symposium “Parlons ensemble”

Other resources in sustainable development

Resources for Mental Health

Click on the link of your campus to get access to the available ressources.

External resources

The Médecins sans frontières reference book is an online resource for anyone interested in global health issues. Research on refugee health, obstetrics and neonatal care, tuberculosis and access to medicine, among others, can be found through this link. We thank the Quebec branch of Médecins sans frontières for this access.

The  MC2 project  is an online platform where students, speakers, and professionals from social environments can fill out presentation sheets with their preference. Thus, when a professional is looking, for example, for students wishing to work on an Indigenous health project, he/she can use the platform. The objective is to create a space for referencing and communication where the values ​​of collaboration and inter-professionalism will be put forward in order to propel valid teaching.