Université de Montréal (Montreal Campus)


The Montreal campus of the Université de Montréal is a vibrant campus. Indeed, it is not only the largest medical school in the country, but it is also a very engaged campus where most of the students are involved in activities outside the curriculum. On campus, IFMSA-Quebec means hosting conferences, all the major projects of IFMSA-Quebec gathered under one roof, and of course the chance to learn a lot. The campus has often served as a cradle for some of the projects which, after being launched at the University of Montreal, have conquered other campuses. It is also a place where new ideas are well received and where projects from elsewhere are always welcome.

Recognition of territories

Montreal is on the traditional territory of the Haudenosaunee and the Kanien’kehà:ka. Please visit native-land.ca to learn more about the peoples whose land you’re on.

For More Information

Amar Farkouh
Campus coordinator of the Université de Montréal in Montreal
[email protected]

Local Team

Cynthia Bele-Binda and Jason Bernier
Local coordinators of the SCOGH committee
[email protected]

Éloïse Fortin-Latour and Romy barbera
Local coordinators of the SCORA committee
[email protected]

Audrey Tessier-Alvarez and Rasha Alhaeik
Local coordinators of the SCORP committee
[email protected]

Jumanah Baig
Local coordinator of the SCOME committee
[email protected]

Laetitia Yahiatene and Myriam Belaiche
Local coordinators of the SCOPH committee
[email protected]

Stefana Botez and Jessica Wang
Local coordinators of the SCORE committee
[email protected]

Marianne Melançon and Yara Emilie Younan
Local coordinators of the SCOPE committee
[email protected]