The InfoAid Committee

At the intersection between evidence-based public health promotion and mass communication in the digital age, InfoAid thrives.

Currently an IFMSA-Québec committee founded in 2020, InfoAid is mandated to produce and disseminate infographic posters describing important public health causes to the local and international population. The aim at the core of our mission is to educate, inform and mobilize the population to be proactive in their health management.

Appreciating the overwhelming abundance of information available to the layperson on the internet, InfoAid works to spread awareness via posters offering comprehensible and expert-validated information communicated using visually striking, impactful graphic design. We achieve this aim by being one of the first groups under IFMSA to include non-medical students as members – our extra-professional volunteer artists are essential to driving our vision forward.

Each of our posters are validated by motivated and knowledgeable experts (i.e physicians, dentists, etc.) and translated into multiple languages for use by a diverse population. In its first year, InfoAid’s team has collaborated with five experts to create posters on a variety of pressing public health issues, ranging from miscarriage awareness and noise-induced hearing loss, to heart disease and tobacco and social isolation of the elderly. These posters have also been eagerly received by the international audience, and multiple are actively being disseminated within multiple South American countries.

Our vision is to fully utilize Info-Aid’s modern approach to public health awareness to extend our reach widely throughout local and international communities, and to exist always as a testament to the richness of collaboration.

InfoAid Projects

Perte auditive liée au bruit

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Français EspañolTiếng Việt

Antibiotic Resistance

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Français Españolதமிழ்



Social isolation



Cerebrovascular Accident (Stroke)

Colon Cancer Screening





For more information of questions, please contact:

Nathan Ng
Principal coordination
[email protected]

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