Administrative Council

IFMSA-Quebec’s Administrative Council

IFMSA-Quebec’s administrative council is the organizational body that is tasked with managing the finances, strategic governance and legal affairs of IFMSA-Quebec. Furthermore, the administrative council can aid in all other tasks. The powers of this council are as described in section A.5 of the General Rules of IFMSA-Quebec.

The administrative council is composed of six members. The president and the vice-president of finances of the executive board each have a seat on the administrative council. The other four members are composed of the president of the previous IFMSA term, as well as by three administrators elected in Congress for a one year mandate.

Our administrators for the 2020-2021 term:

Yousra-Imane Benaskeur
[email protected]

Katerina Sanchez Schicharew
[email protected]

Sara Medina Kasasni
[email protected]

Rosa Lakabi
[email protected]

Don’t hesitate to write to the administrative council for any issue related to the management of IFMSA-Quebec: [email protected]. We are there to help!

2019-2020 Administrative Council

Administrator : Elizabeth Deng
Administrator: Kim Anh La
Administrator: Sara Medina Kasasni
Administrator: Roxanne St-Pierre Alain

2018-2019 Administrative Council

Administrator: Karma Abukasm
Administrator: Djamila Saad
Administrator: Zi Yue Wang

2017-2018 Administrative Council

Administrator: Wenzhen Zuo
Administrator: Xiya Ma
Administrator: Marie-Eve Farley

2016-2017 Administrative Council

President: Chérine Zaïme
Administrator: Julie Dang
Administrator: Aline Khatchikian
Administrator: Mathieu Hains
Administrator: Annie Lemay

2015-2016 Administrative Council

President: Joel Neves Briard
Secretary: Weronika Jakubowska
Treasurer: Chérine Zaïm
Executive president and administrator: Camille Pelletier Vernooy
Administrator: Yassen Tcholakov MD, MIH
Administrator: Catherine Ji MDCM
Administrator: Jouhayna Bentaleb MD

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