What is SCORP?

The IFMSA-Quebec Human Rights and Peace Committee (SCORP, Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace) is a committee aimed at promoting respect for human rights in a context of peace. Its projects deal with both international and local human rights issues.


The committee’s mission is twofold: to make as many people as possible aware of the importance of human rights, particularly the right to health, and of the issues that endanger them, and, as far as possible, to act in order to ensure respect of the rights of all. To do this, committee members organize conferences and campaigns to raise awareness among students and the general population on human rights issues. Fundraising activities for international aid organizations, as well as petition signing periods are also organized.

What is the place of human rights in health?

Respect of human rights is the basis of human health . The right to health, as recognized by the United Nations International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, stipulates that everyone must have access to adequate health services. However, it also brings together several other rights relating to the determinants of health: the right to adequate housing, the right to nutritious and healthy food, the right to safe working conditions, etc. A person’s health is therefore affected both directly and indirectly by the respect or non-respect of his/her fundamental rights.

For any other information or questions, please contact:

Melika Safa
National Officer for Human Rights and Peace (NORP)
[email protected]