Université de Sherbrooke (Sherbrooke Campus)


Through its international activities and projects, IFMSA has been making the Sherbrooke campus shine for several years. Throughout their four years of training, many students have been able to combine study and experience abroad by participating in clinical and research internships, and others have had the chance to learn about global health through internships in developing countries and INCommunity internships. In recent years, Sherbrooke has also seen the establishment of other IFMSA committees: sexual health, public health, human rights and peace, and global health. Being part of a committee means being able to discuss health issues that are important to us and having the strength of a team to carry out various awareness campaigns!

Your involvement within IFMSA-Quebec means taking part in raising everyone’s awareness of various health issues. In fact, in addition to organizing local activities in Sherbrooke, the campuses stay in touch with each other to mobilize in symbiosis in order to really make things happen. IFMSA-Quebec drafts and adopts positions on various health issues so as to be able to defend them in the public arena. Being involved in IFMSA-Quebec also means being able to collaborate with medical student associations from around the world on various issues!

Welcome everyone to our great team!

Recognition of territories

Sherbrooke is on the traditional territory of the Wabanaki, Abenaki and Arosaguntacook. Please visit https://native-land.ca/ to learn more about the people’s whose land you’re on.

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Pénélope Chouinard
Campus Coordinator of the Université de Sherbrooke in Sherbrooke
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