Last words

Finally back in Montreal after a crazy 2 months abroad! I can’t believe how fast time has flown by. This GA has been a cocktail of positive and negative emotions, moments of sanity and somnolence. Before I reflect on the objectives I have set myself for this GA, here are some general life lessons I […]

Some nights I stay up

I can’t believe we are already at Day 5! This week seemed to have flied by. The number of uncomfortable naps in plenary always seem to have increased as well. Day 3 was contracts fair! It’s the occasion where exchange officers will finalize their contracts for the coming year. I have to admit we were […]

Don’t close your eyes

That’s what I’m telling myself right now, because the lack of sleep and energy is really catching up to me right now. We’re currently at the end of Day 2 (already?!) and plenary is in session, but I need to finalize the things for the Contracts Fair tomorrow. That is when research and professional exchanges […]

Buenas Tardes

All the while trying to maintain humble, I think I should be a relatively familiar name by now: I’m Xiya, (ex) 2nd year medical student at Université de Montréal, National Officer of Research Exchanges for IFMSA-Québec and Supervising Board Member on the SCORE International Team. This will be my 2nd GA and my 3rd IFMSA […]

…it ended with us (part 2)

Needless to say, I did not sleep on the last night: partly because my flight was way too early to be even worth sleeping, partly because I wanted to solve my jet lag faster, but mostly because I wanted to enjoy the last few hours in Malta. Sadly, all good things come to an end. […]

It started with me… (part 1)

This will be divided in 2 parts: first one will be on the last few days since my previous post (which I have failed to do during the GA itself, unfortunately) and the second will be a post-GA reflection on the experience. Day 3: Arguably my favorite day of the GA! We started the day […]

What is sleep? Baby don’t hurt me

I can’t believe it’s already been a week since we left Quebec to land in Europe. Being in a IFMSA meetings is quite a whimsical feeling: we lose all notion of space, time and cultural barriers. I’m currently multitasking: writing my 3rd blog while in plenary, listening to the presentations of potential candidate members. Experienced […]

PreGA chronicles in Mawlta

It’s hard to imagine that it had already been four days since we left Quebec and landed in Europe! Time sure flies, despite what people say about international meetings. The preGA just ended today! On quite an emotional note too. The TMET was an amazing experience: I got to meet such motivated, funny and inspiring […]

You bet we are coming to Malta

I’m procrastinating again. We’re leaving in 3 hours and that’s when I start writing my first blog before the March Meeting 2016 in Malta. Although, to my defense, I do think I’m the first one to do so on the delegation, so I’ll excuse myself! I’m Xiya, 2nd year student at Université de Montréal and […]

La fin…ou le début?

C’est avec tristesse que j’écris possiblement la dernière entrée de blogue pour le Americas’ Regional Meeting 2015. Tout semble avoir passé si vite, mais ces derniers jours étaient géniaux. Je sens que j’ai tellement appris sur les échanges IFMSA et grandi en tant que personne. Je pense que je suis vraiment sortie de ma zone […]