PreGA chronicles in Mawlta

PreGA chronicles in Mawlta

It’s hard to imagine that it had already been four days since we left Quebec and landed in Europe! Time sure flies, despite what people say about international meetings.

The preGA just ended today! On quite an emotional note too. The TMET was an amazing experience: I got to meet such motivated, funny and inspiring people. Most trainers were very nice and I got to make so many friends in SCOME. It was kind of sad to leave some people, but thankfully we have a SCORE-SCOME joint session (SCORE ME…get it), so it will give me another occasion to see them again!

The only criticism that I have about the TMET is that many elements we saw were part of the TNT, a training that I have already attended last year. So, some elements were kinda repetitive. However, I did really appreciate the medical education part, which involved curriculum planning, outcome-based learning, etc.

I actually have a ridiculous amount of work to prepare before the GA: SCORE report presentation (done), SCORE SWG (kinda done?), SCORE training (still needs work), SB candidature preparation (which I almost forgot) and now with the TMET a SCOME training on curriculum planning (needs to be urgently done). Thankfully I have finished reviewing my part for the plenary content, but frankly I have not looked over the SCORE regulations changes and there are 21 pages (which is quite discouraging). All this to be done in the scarce few hours of free time that we have tomorrow.

But if there’s one thing that I’m pretty proud about, it’s that I’m handling the lack of sleep (as in commonly less than 6 hours, still with the sleep debt of our 21hours of travelling) and constant energy demand (participating, presenting, preparing content for GA) relatively well! I’m tired, but it’s definitely not as bad as I thought. I hope I’m not speaking too soon, although I have to admit that the extra-potent effect of coffee on my alertness has gradually worn off…

Now that our delegation is (almost) complete, I can’t wait to start the actual GA. I’m convinced we will be one of the most awesome NMOs out there.

Stay tuned!