You bet we are coming to Malta

You bet we are coming to Malta

I’m procrastinating again. We’re leaving in 3 hours and that’s when I start writing my first blog before the March Meeting 2016 in Malta. Although, to my defense, I do think I’m the first one to do so on the delegation, so I’ll excuse myself!

I’m Xiya, 2nd year student at Université de Montréal and NORE-in for IMFSA-Québec. You may (or not) recall me from the RM2016, when I was a naive little LORE set on exploring the Americas. Here I am again, this time as a less naive (but still little) NORE set on exploring the world!

Saying that I’m excited is a understatement, because I don’t think I can describe properly how I am feeling at the moment. It’s a mix of excitement for being in beautiful Malta in about 24hours, nervousness because it’s my first GA and stress since I will be coordinating a small working group (SWG) and giving a training for the first time, two things that I have yet prepared properly (more procrastination). The past week was hell, juggling between my gastroenterology exam and writing out an report for the SCORE sessions. Sleep is not around the corner.

David, Djamila and I will be arriving in Malta on the 27th since we are all attending the preGA. I will be doing Training Medical Education Trainers. While I am not super involved in SCOME, I still think it’s a great opportunity to learn more on what this standing committee is about, since we’ve only had SCOME since this academic year. During the GA, I will be with SCORE, where I will have the chance to do some presentations and coordinate some activities.

Here are (in the big lines) my objectives for this meeting:

1) Being a dutiful delegate for IFMSA-Québec: this implies being at sessions on time, encouraging our delegation through thick and thin, giving my best at the sessions and being there when your winter family needs you.

2) Meeting new people and old friends: it’s kinda a given, but definitely one of the top things I’m looking forward to.

3) Have a rocking awesome Exchange Fair stand: to wow everyone with our maple syrup and AQ (cc Tara, my other half)

4) Giving quality SWG and trainings: while I do not have prior experience in this, I do want the participants to enjoy the presentations, feel included in the discussions and leave with new knowledge and renewed motivation.

5) Remain presentable and agreeable despite the lack of sleep and tiredness.

6) Have an awesome time, be open to novelties and maybe pick up a few news words 🙂

Gotta run to the airport. Hope you stay tuned!