Don’t close your eyes

Don’t close your eyes

That’s what I’m telling myself right now, because the lack of sleep and energy is really catching up to me right now. We’re currently at the end of Day 2 (already?!) and plenary is in session, but I need to finalize the things for the Contracts Fair tomorrow. That is when research and professional exchanges sign their contracts for the coming season. If it’s similar to the Exchanges Fair that I experienced in Malta, I know it will be a blast.

Day 1 was an introduction kind of day, the typical SCORE session where we introduce SCORE, play games and get updates from the International team. That’s also when we gave updates on the new ways in which we can sign contracts in SCORE. I gave 2 sessions on 8 weeks exchanges, the results of a previous SWG that I coordinated in Malta. That afternoon, there were regional sessions, which I missed mostly because I was replacing the Asia-Pacific RA for SCORE during the committee specific sessions. It was my intention afterward to support a fellow delegate Charles-Antoine by attending his training on emotional intelligence, but given that it was already full I opted for more time to prepare my SCORE-ME joint session. Opening Ceremony was also on that night in the center of Puebla’s historic center.

After a much needed but much short rest, we got ready for Day 2 (today), where we started sessions with regulation proposals. While it went well, there was a silly debate on a relatively insignificant matter, which made many people quite frustrated. We then had SWG, during which I mostly tried to fix the fact that I forgot to print the contracts (good job genius). Thankfully I found the blank version and managed to print it at a local shop (while communicating completely in spanish, a feat for me!) This afternoon, we had the exchanges poster fair : basically an event where the NMOs can push one last time before we all sign contracts. It was a good occasion for us to confirm the number of contracts with our partners.

Currently, we are in plenary, and hopefully we will still be conscious during Alex and Camille’s presentations, who are running respectively for Liaison Officer for Medical Education and Member of the IFMSA Supervising Council.