the GA at its best

the GA at its best

Hello all,

So yesterday was the first plenary session where the different countries where able to know the full story of the events with the organizing committee and the executive board of the IFMSA. It was a relieving moment and it is good to say that today, we are moving forward.

Actually, today at noon was the contract fair where all the countries were represented and signed the exchange contract for the upcoming season that is March 2013 to March 2014. It was a really exciting moment as the responsible for the exchanges had already agreed on some contracts and others had still to be figured out. Every stand was full of promotional material for the country and it is a big teaser for most of us and can also influence some of the contracts we sign.

I am now reading some of the candidatures and applications for the new team of official for the upcoming year. Des choix durs et de bons discours seront au rendez-vous dans le hall de conférence dès 4PM IST.

P.S. It is monsoon season now in India so the weather is pretty constant in that it is cloudy and rainy.