« Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible » —Tony Robbins

« Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible » —Tony Robbins

July 31, 2018

It has been now 11 months I am holding the position of NORE (National Officer for Research Exchanges) of the IFMSA-Québec, which leaves me with one more to go before I finish my term.

I have learned a lot.
I have given a lot.

I have to be honest and say that this year has been hectic. Physically, mentally, and emotionally. Keeping a good balance between personal life, family, university/clerkship and IFMSA was sure not a piece of cake. Coping with the stress of performing at the hospital, while trying to maintain a good life hygiene, and having to organize research exchanges for foreign students on the top of that… completely insane. I have to say that I am still pretty much satisfied of how I manage to carry out all of the things, as nothing fell apart during my term as a NORE. I even got some time to create a small strategic plan for the SCORE committee (that I hope the future NOREs will take into account during their term!)

Now, the IFMSA August Meeting 2018 is fast approaching and I have to set my goals for it. I think, for every project one wants to accomplish in life, setting goals is important because the latter are what drive us and remind us why we are doing what we are doing in the end. As the meeting only lasts a week and I have to remain realistic on what I can achieve, I set to myself 3 goals. First of all, I want to deepen my understanding of the SCORE committee on the international scale. I have to admit that my knowledge of SCORE still lacking on this aspect for various reasons that I don’t find relevant to mention here. However, this resulted in quasi-inexistent involvement from me in the activities organized by International Team throughout the year, and it is such a shame because I do think there had been very interesting activities going on in our committee. Second, I want to reach out to countries we do not sign countries and discuss with them about visa matters (which is the main factor that limits IFMSA-Québec to sign with some countries). I strive to work on making our exchange program more accessible to countries where research is limited, so we can give the chance to students who do not have the same opportunities as us, Canadian medical students. Last, but not least, I aim to make the most out of this meeting and gain the most knowledge I can regarding the General Assemblies, in order to complete my successors’ handovers.

There was a lot of work and things to improve when I started my term back in September 2017. It’s been a long and difficult way to get to where I am now. I became attached to SCORE way more than what I expected, and I can say that I am proud of what I have done for it.

It has been now 11 months I am holding the position of NORE of the IFMSA-Québec. I only have one month left before I finish my term.

But I still have a lot to learn.
And I still have a lot to give.

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