GA review

GA review

Reform was the most commonly used word in this GA. Thus, this is what we’ve been working on for the past week.

Being one of the two NEOs of IFMSA-Quebec, my main role was to sign contracts with various countries for exchanges. The various talks and discussions led to a great contract fair. Indeed, the NORE and I got over 100 exchange  spots to offer quebecer students in over 30 countries.

As a plus, I got to participate in the reform of my Standing Committee of professional exchanges. In general, the consensus was that exchanges work well and the committee needs polishing rather than reform. Mainly, bylaw terms have been corrected.

Various plenaries happened and a lot of ideas were put on the table. In future GAs, I am confident that the ideas will get applied. The process will take many years and there’s no way to anticipate how everything will fall into place. I could only look ahead and prepare to further work in general assemblies.

My motivation for IFMSA keeps growing with time. We aid our Universities by offering students extra curricular activities and opportunities. Doing so, IFMSA has become an irreplaceable asset to our med-school curriculum.

In the future, I really look forward to work nationally to improve our exchange program. I will work to ensure that everything works out smoothly and that Quebecers stay satisfied with our exchange program.

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