Dear readers, The Post-Post GA blues have come! It has been an amazing experience shared with crazy people and I still hear the famous “silence in the room” echo in my sleep. I have been sleep deprived, I have put my coffee tolerance to test, I have ate every single baklava in front of me, […]

A little tour of the SCORP sessions at the GA

Hey there, During the second day of the GA in SCORP sessions (human rights and peace) , we had a presentation about advocacy in humans rights especially as the opportunity for youth to be part of the Major Group on youth and children during UN assemblies. The speaker also presented UN’s 2015 agenda. Students can […]

Here starts the GA

Here comes the GA! After leaving Istanbul exhausted by the pre-GA, I didn’t’ think I would make it through the GA. However, arriving to Antalya has been a new adventure itself. The accommodation is beyond great, food is delicious and it is the dream place for baklava lovers. On our first day of arrival, we […]

Introduction & Goals for the March Meeting 2015

Hello friends, My name is Weronika Jakubowska ( pronounced Veronica Yakubovska to clarify from the go), I am a second year medical student at University Laval in Quebec city. I am extremely excited to be part of the IFMSA-Quebec delegation for the 2015 General Assembly of IFMSA-World in Turkey. I will participate to the Humans […]