Dear readers,

The Post-Post GA blues have come! It has been an amazing experience shared with crazy people and I still hear the famous “silence in the room” echo in my sleep.
I have been sleep deprived, I have put my coffee tolerance to test, I have ate every single baklava in front of me, I called everybody by their country and I made friends that became instantaneously family and shared with them unstoppable laughs.
Since my last blog, so many things happened such as the EB debate, the elections of the next international official team, Iraq gained full membership as an IFMSA member, Malta will be the next destination for the next march meeting, Haiti became a new candidate member thanks to PAMSA’ s support (* the Pan American Students Medical Association).In plenary sessions, a new reform within the IFMSA structure was voted, making a transition from projects to programs.

I presented the colloquium of global health at the project fair! It was a lot of fun to present it,however we lacked promotional material to distribute to students that were interested. My note for next IFMSA-Quebec students going on international project fairs is to bring a lot of pamphlets.

As one of my main goals for this GA was to pay attention to projects, here are some interesting projects I noted during project fairs and during the Rex Crossley award presentation. The Rex Crossley award presentation was a very interesting event during which some countries presented projects related to public health such as “Feed with love” a Mexican project that promotes breastfeeding, Indonesia presented a project about raising awareness against Dengue and community empowerment. Another very cool project called “Cervical Cancer Awareness” is done by students from Uganda because cervical cancer is the most common cancer among women in Uganda. The project consists of training medical students about cervical cancer so that they can go to health centers to screen women for HPV. Those students screened over 769 women and 35 tested positive for cervical cancer. I was very impressed to see that a student project that started by an idea, got to such an impressive scale and made an impact on the community. From all those inspiring projects, I can just say that I have been truly motivated to invest my energy in a project as I know it can have very big impacts locally and internationally.
During my last two days of the GA , I went to SCOPH sessions (Standing Committee of Public Health) and I found out about a public health project from the UK called “Marrow” that focuses on bone marrow donation. I think this would be a great project to bring back to Quebec since the project “ Bonbons bon don “ is already very popular. I will make sure to share this project with IFMSA-Quebec members that are already participating in “Bonbons bon don” as they could potentially target the same public with both projects.
I am so thankful for this wonderful experience, this IFMSA-Quebec delegation that was like family
( I know you are blushing Patrick if you are reading this ) and international friendships. I see so many opportunities to get further involved in IFMSA and advocate for global health.

“ Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember, Involve me and I learn” –Benjamin Franklin

Güle Güle,

Weronika Jakubowska