Introduction & Goals for the March Meeting 2015

Introduction & Goals for the March Meeting 2015

Hello friends,

My name is Weronika Jakubowska ( pronounced Veronica Yakubovska to clarify from the go), I am a second year medical student at University Laval in Quebec city. I am extremely excited to be part of the IFMSA-Quebec delegation for the 2015 General Assembly of IFMSA-World in Turkey.

I will participate to the Humans Rights and Peace standing committee (SCORP) workshops throughout the GA which makes me a “scorpian” for the next week. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about SCROP’s program , IFMSA’s international structure as well as to meet students from the international.

In addition to this, I will also attend the pre-GA for the Humanitarian Action in Healthcare Disasters workshop that will take place in Istanbul.


My goals for this GA are the following:

  1. Participate actively during the SCORP sessions and learn the most of it. I am particularly interested about learning the different tools we can use for advocacy in human rights .
  2. Discuss the Trans-Pacific Partnership with other students from the international to have an idea how we could improve our national campaign
  3. Present successfully the Quebec annual Health Colloquium at the project fair
  4. Assist the president during the plenaries and try to follow as much as possible
  5. Promote IFMSA-Quebec and make our delegation famous and visible throughout the GA
  6. Incorporate what I learned from the “Humanitarian Action in Healthcare Disasters” workshop during the pre-GA into the SCORP sessions about “Humanitarian Actions” and “Disaster Risk Management” of the GA. Learn how we can mobilise students in humanitarian action and how their actions can have an impact.
  7. Note down interesting projects, activities and workshops organized internationally to share them with students of Quebec, especially those presented during the SCORP fair
  8. Meet people from different delegations and discuss with them social determinants of healthcare.


I will be glad to share more of my MM experience to come,

Weronika Jakubowska