Have you gotten your sticker yet?

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Stickers, stickers and more stickers. We’ve been handing out so many stickers that people refer to us as the « sticker men ». Okay, that’s not true, but it could be… Needless to say the promoting of the potential AM2018 Montreal is going very well. We even wrote a statement for the final plenary today, which was […]

MM2017: Day 3

The GA continues. It is now apparent that the organizing committee has done an amazing job with this event. Sessions have enough room to operate, the food is abundant and the schedule is closely monitored. Heck, there even is a grocery store across the street! Perfect. They have set the bar high for upcoming GAs. […]

A New Beginning

Dear readers, What’s this you’ve stumbled upon? A blog? Blogs are still a thing? You betcha! In IFMSA-Québec we have a lot to write about, especially during general assemblies! This is where I will post updates on my experience at the 66th IFMSA General Assembly March Meeting Montenegro (MM2017). I will try to make your […]

Post-RM Fever

« When five medical students bring a mysterious South American virus back to Canada, they have no idea of the consequences. Family, friends and colleagues are rapidly infected as the students race against the clock to find answers to their questions. » Sounds like the synopsis for the next apocalyptic zombie blockbuster, doesn’t it? Actually, it describes our situation […]

The Little Bit of SCORP in my Life


Last day in Montevideo! Tomorrow we leave for the cold; wonder how the weather is… #blizzard2016 We’ve met amazing people, discussed many topics of interest and constructed lasting memories. I take my hat off to all the organizers and participants of this event. SCORP sessions have been a real eye-opener. Over the past couple of […]

Analysis of My Daily Life in Uruguay

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Buenos dias! Que tal? The Americas Regional Meeting 2016 officially started yesterday evening with the opening ceremony. We were told that dinner would come afterwards. Well… dinner is a strong word: miniature hors d’oeuvres were passed around the room at 10:30 PM as we sipped Coca-Cola and Sprite. As it turns out, Uruguayans typically eat […]

Planes, trains and automobiles


« Libertad O Muerte », meaning « Freedom or Death », is Uruguay’s official motto. It gives a very passionate image to the country and sounds oddly similar to « Live free or die » from New Hampshire… Coincidence? While I have not yet gotten the chance to thoroughly meet locals and confirm this passion, I feel like I have partly […]

Thoughts on the upcoming RM

In 1 day, 11 hours and 13 minutes, I will be heading to Québec Jean Lesage International airport for the beginning of an adventure. This adventure will take me to the small country of Uruguay (Montevideo, to be precise), where I will take part in the 2016 IFMSA regional meeting for the Americas. But who am I? […]