The Little Bit of SCORP in my Life

The Little Bit of SCORP in my Life

Last day in Montevideo! Tomorrow we leave for the cold; wonder how the weather is… #blizzard2016

We’ve met amazing people, discussed many topics of interest and constructed lasting memories. I take my hat off to all the organizers and participants of this event.

SCORP sessions have been a real eye-opener. Over the past couple of days, we discussed topics such as human rights, women’s rights and medical ethics. We also looked at how we could make a difference in the region as a whole, through transnational projects and communication. It was easy to see how passionate the trainers were about these topics and how they were determined to make a difference during this Regional Meeting.

In the beginning, I didn’t know what to expect from SCORP sessions, being a Local Officer for Global Health myself. Naturally, the many issues discussed were still pertinent to my work with IFMSA. It was particularly interesting to hear that gender equality was not yet achieved completely in many countries of Latin America. Joint sessions with SCORA also provided a unique take on the LGBT community, related to sexuality and gender identity.

The people from South America have unique projects and much dedication. Students seem to be much more involved within the organization (I wonder how this could be achieved in Quebec). I will definitely contact our LORPs to give them a bit of info on what’s going on in the Americas.

**Side note: I’ve never taken part in so many « Energizer activities » in my life. Of course, they turn out to be pretty useful considering how we get about four hours of sleep every night.

**Side note, I received secret messages in an envelope created to this effect (everyone has one, they are meant to give feedback). Here is the best of:

-« Don’t push yourself too hard. » (Really? I think this is a cultural thing.)

-« Don’t be so shy. » (I was one of the people who talked the most!)

– 1 peso (should I interpret this as « Get a life » ?)

The theme event for the Regional Meeting, health equity, was particularly inspiring. One of the members of our delegation, Lucy, gave a related workshop on Universal Health that literally blew my mind! Yes, we have a great health system in Canada, but it has its share of problems, like every country in the Americas. Some countries have free healthcare, but lots of corruption, while others have multiple systems (private being the best). It’s safe to say that Universal Health is not yet achieved and something the region will have to work on in the future.

Right now, the plenary simulation is ongoing. Motions of all sorts are being passed and projects will be presented. This is the culmination of our week of work and it sets the tone for the next General Assembly in Malta (March).

In terms of social activities, Tuesday evening was at the Carnival museum for a performance and a tour of the place. Did you know that Montevideo’s Carnival is the longest in the world? Its roots are partly European and partly African, which is to see through the various costumes that they wear and the style of music.

I will be posting a final blog post once I get home. For now, I’m enjoying my last hours in Uruguay, a country with a beautiful culture that we were lucky to discover this week.