A New Beginning

A New Beginning

Dear readers,

What’s this you’ve stumbled upon? A blog? Blogs are still a thing? You betcha! In IFMSA-Québec we have a lot to write about, especially during general assemblies! This is where I will post updates on my experience at the 66th IFMSA General Assembly March Meeting Montenegro (MM2017). I will try to make your reading as enjoyable as possible!

The basics: My name is William. I am Campus Coordinator at Université Laval and Pre-GA Director for the potential August Meeting 2018 Montreal. During MM2017, I will be attending SCORP sessions and will be acting as Plenary Secretary Assistant (tasked with taking the minutes). Oh and this is my first GA!

What’s been done so far: Today is day 2 of the GA. I left Québec City on February 28, took a bus to Montreal, a plane to Frankfurt and then a plane to Vienna. I slept in Vienna (amazing city by the way!) and had a flight the next day from Vienna to Podgorica, Montenegro. The Plenary Chairperson was on the same flight and she knew someone from Montenegro, so we got a ride to Budva and got here on time for the plenary simulation! After the simulation, the first plenary only took an hour and went quite smoothly (I was officially elected). The opening ceremony took much longer and we couldn’t see or hear anything since we were stuck at the back, but at least we had chairs. Finally, there was dinner, my first meal in 14 hours (I’m not counting the sachertorte I had in Vienna…).

Yesterday after introductions, SCORP sessions began with an external representative of the Red Cross giving a presentation on Health Care in Danger (HCiD), which mostly concerns International Humanitarian Law (IHL). We then we discussed SCORP policies. In the afternoon, our delegation attended the Rex Crossley Award presentations (a member of our delegation was presenting InCommunity) and the regional session for the Americas.

Hmm I realize this was quite detailed… I’ll try to make it shorter next time!

My objectives for MM2017:

  1. Meet new people: always an important objective, especially to get input on existing projects or to get inspired for new projects. It can also be very useful to have an international network of friends.
  2. Make a good impression as a plenary team member: you never know what opportunities can arise when you get involved and you do your job well.
  3. Support my delegation the best I can: we have an amazing delegation with varied interests. I will support them any way I can.
  4. Promote the potential AM2018: People think we’re crazy for planning way ahead of time. I’m still meeting people who don’t know it’s happening so we’re trying to stamp everything we can!

That’s all for now. I’ll keep you posted!