« The Orange Panda ate the raspberries in a guttural sigh »

« The Orange Panda ate the raspberries in a guttural sigh »

« The Orange Panda ate the raspberries in a guttural sigh »

Hello my name is Anne-Lou McNeil and you now know my favorite color, animal and fruits. Isn’t it fantastic ? I never know what to say when it comes to introducing myself so be indulgent.

First let me say that I am a French speaking person (I am from the French part of Canada, Québec). I chose to write my blog in English this time so that my international friends can actualy understand something and it helps reaching out more people.

I am currently holding the position of Vice-president internal and next year I will be the new Director of Projects (we just created that position within the Executive Board). In the past I have also been campus coordinator and local officer for the Standing Committee on Global Health . I am really passionated about all the issues relating to Global and Public health and I also have a strong interest in Humanitarian aid and economy.

As I just mentioned it, this year we split the position of VPI into two roles : VPI (who will coordinate and ensure a good communication between all the different medical universities in Quebec and the standing committees) and the Director of Projects (who will take care of the awareness projects and will organize the TNT). I had the great honour to be elected as the Director of Projects for the 2015-2016 term.

My main aims in going to the AM is thus to understand better the transition from projects to programs and how IFMSA-Québec’s projects could benefit from it. To accomplish that I’d like to :

1. Meet as much as possible projects coordinators and discuss with them their vision/objectives for the upcoming years
2. Play an active role in the adoption of the programs purposals during plenary sessions
3. Meet with the team who designed the new programs model

I’d also like to learn more about other projects/ programs from other countries that could be a great source of inspiration for our own projects. I also want to share our projects with the other delegations. In order to reach those objectives the delegation will :

1. Take part of the projects fair
2. Develop promotional material (poster, flyers, power point, etc.)
3. Run for to the Rex Crossley Award

Finally I will also be part of the pre-GA on Global Surgery and participate to the SCORA sessions at the GA. I have to admit that Sexual and Reproductive Health are not exactly in my field of expertise, but I am sure I will learn a lot from this experience. It will also allow me to bring back new ideas and share them with our NORA and SCORA committees back in Quebec 🙂

So those are pretty much my main objectives for this first experience in an international General Assembly.