Last Day – Day 6

March 7th – Day 6   It is unbelievable but it is already the last day of the GA! In our morning SCORE session, we elected two members of the SCORE Supervising Board and had a workshop on leadership and teambuilding. While some of the workshops I attended were a bit disappointing, this one was […]

Day 5

It is Friday today and I cannot believe we are already so close to the end! As usual, we started our day with a morning SCORE session. The most important part of this session was the SCORE bylaw voting. Most changes were about technicalities, but one of them was about explicitly specifying that students be […]

Day 4

This morning, we did not have a complete SCORE session, as the Exchange Fair was planned for noon. However, Jouhayna and I both attended a small part of the Presidents’ session while there was a discussion on the Memorandum of Understanding with ECFMG (see previous post for details). There were extensive discussions and we were […]

Already halfway through

Today marks the end of the third day of GA and with it, the first half of this incredible experience.   March 3rd – Day 1   On our first day, we attended the opening ceremony and dinner organized by the Tunisian Organizing Committee. They started with an overview of the history of Tunisian medicine […]

Pre-GA on Disaster Risk Management

It is already Monday morning, and I cannot believe that the pre-GA is already behind us. In the last two days, I had the incredible opportunity to meet wonderful and highly motivated students from all over the world and gain an incredible amount of information on disaster risk management. I am writing this post while […]

Goals and Expectations

As this is my first participation in an international meeting with the Quebec delegation, I have to admit my expectations are not very clear. But hearing all the wonderful stories and experiences that other delegates have been sharing makes me certain that will be an inspiring, but also possibly overwhelming, experience to live for the […]

A little bit about myself

My name is Patrick Achkar and this is my first time writing any blog. In this first post, I’m supposed to give you a small idea about who I am, so let’s give it a shot. I am a second year medical student at the University of Montreal and I have a Bachelor of Science […]