Policy Statement Results & Day 5

Policy Statement Results & Day 5

I begin by reporting to my dear readers the results of yesterday’s plenary section on Policy Statements (PS).  I was very happy to see all fifteen proposed PSs be adopted by the assembly (2/3 majority being required for adoption); witnessing such strong solidarity and unity among the individuals of such a diverse collection is nothing less than inspiring and instates in us all great faith in the progress this new generation of physicians can bring forth in the future.

A culture show followed the plenaries into the morning of Day 5.  It was lots of fun for all performers and non-performers alike (unfortunately our delegation did not participate as we did not have the time to rehearse the choreography Mathieu had prepared).

Day 5 included the Project Fair, where NMOs displayed and shared their immense passion for the projects carried out in their respective countries.  In total, almost 140 projects were presented.  IFMSA-Québec presented the “In Solidary We Stand” project, which took place in all four campuses from November to February.  It was great to share our project with members of NMOs with extremely diverse backgrounds and interests.  Some NMOs, particularly IFMSA-Egypt, said to have picked up some good ideas from our presentation, that they now hope to bring back to their homeland.

I had the opportunity to discuss with an observer to the IFMSA GA, a medical student from Kazakhstan who wishes to bring his national medical student association into the IFMSA family (which he aims to do at the 2014 August Meeting).  I found it most interesting to find out that his medical student association has a five-year strategic plan (whereas long-time IFMSA NMOs – such as the Netherlands – do not).  We had the opportunity to discuss some particularly curious topics, such as how his association monitored its progress with respect to the strategic plan and what major challenges it was trying to overcome to ensure that the plan be executed.

Tomorrow morning’s agenda should be particularly stimulating, as strategic planning will be addressed during the presidents’ session, and I will be attending a workshop led by the IFMSA Treasurer on planning, writing, executing and evaluating objectives.

More updates tomorrow!  Take it easy y’all!


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