Real Magic In El Salvador

Real Magic In El Salvador

Plane ticket, 1000$; snack from Starbucks, 2.39$; seeing the sun rise 36 000 feet above the ground, probably priceless (if not, I’d say it’s worth around 2543.63$).

Leaving Montreal is not always easy. Not because I’ll miss the city. But simply because I’m leaving what I consider a part of me.

I believe that we are a compilation of our experiences. These experiences, in part, occur in places. Thus, the places we’re around shape our personalities.

Arriving at El Salvador, I’m ready to see what I’ve never seen before.

Today, we took a stroll around a part of San Salvador. Ironically, I consider the city to be beautiful although I would never want to live there. Here’s my chain of thought. What I saw were poor people struggling to make little money selling what seemed to be random goods. This was not what I found beautiful in the city. It was the kids playing with insanely loud fire crackers that was beautiful. Indeed, I saw that around all of this material misery, there is always a will to be happy.

Also, the landscape of the country is particularly appealing to the eye. Huge intimidating volcanoes surround the city filled with random hills here and there that shape a city full of poverty but filled with hope reflected through the laughter of innocent children playing with fire crackers.

According to the writer Alan Moore,  magic is something that could alter one’s way of thinking. Taking that in consideration, being in El Salvador today was magic.