New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions

2013 has arrived with warm sunlight reflecting off the sparkling white snow banks and the sting of a crisp winter breeze on my cheeks. What a beautiful start to what promises to be an exciting year! And with the heralding of every New Year, comes a fresh start, an opportunity to make changes, evolve and improve.


Here are my resolutions for the upcoming Regional Meeting in El Salvador:


1) Learn about different health systems around the world, their problems, concerns, needs, and triumphs, from the people who use and learn in it first hand.


2) Engage in discussions about health related concerns around the world and find ways to better create a platform for such conversations amongst medical students brought together from around the world on IFMSA’s international exchanges.


3) Meet students from as many places as possible, learn from them, share with them, and create friendships that will last a lifetime.


4)   Keep the world updated via this blog and take plenty of pictures.


At dawn tomorrow morning I will be leaving this winter wonderland in Montreal for the sunny streets of San Salvador. Just like the New Year that is to come, I have no idea what will be awaiting me, but I am sure it will be utterly amazing and I cannot be more excited to get started on this great adventure!