Goals for the GA

Goals for the GA

Goals for the GA

As my first general assembly as a NORE, I’ve amalgamated a list of things I feel I should do:

1) Sign contracts with the delegations I planned to sign with and not be lost in the kerfuffle of the contract fair and accidentally sign with the wrong NMO

2) Win over the NMO’s, the « ones that got away »

3) Learn from other NOREs how to promote the exchanges program within my NMO (ideally without Facebook spamming, but I’m determined to find an algorithm that works at all costs)

4) Meet new people/make new friends/learn how to say: « Hello I’m lost, where is the buffet » in as many languages as my memory can consolidate

5) Apply to Supervising Board and join IFMSA on an international regulatory level

…and that’s all for now.