Day 3 – Oct. 19th – Discussion are starting

Day 3 – Oct. 19th – Discussion are starting


During the morning, there were parallel sessions on various topics. I participated in the sessions on « Education, Social Transformation and Sustainable Development.


Although those sessions were entitled Debate, there was still substantial time dedicated to presentation by panels of speakers. Nevertheless, we did end up having a debate which although short was a good final outcome. I believe that if we had had more time, we would have come up with much stronger draft propositions. The moderator of the last part of the session, after realizing that we really wanted to have the floor and discuss did give us some more laxity and allow us to express ourselves, however, the constraint of the short time left did not allow for a very thorough process.


At noon, we had for the first time a nice break which allowed us to rest a bit. Furthermore, a concert by Spaïcy Bazile offered by LOJIQ was a very nice way of getting away from discussions going on in the meeting rooms.


During the afternoon, I observed the meeting of the Drafting Committee. The discussions started by discussing points brought on by each informal regional meeting that had taken place and were followed by a review of the reports given by the different morning sessions.


Currently, I am still sitting in that meeting, more updates on how things develop later!