Auteur : Ghassen Soufi

Ciao Lima

It’s time to leave already. End of the line. Fin. The week flew by and yet it still feels like I just got here yesterday. It’s easy to get carried away in the moment (and boy was I living in a different planet and universe altogether this week), which makes a little post-partem reflection all…
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Que calor!

It seems like there has never has there been fewer hours in a day. Seriously. From SMW (small working groups) to plenaries to theme events to acticities and research fairs, you really begin to wonder how all of it fits in 8 to 8 sessions. Add the after hours to the mix and you get…
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Here at last

My name is Ghassen and I’m a first-year medical student at McGill University. I am also the LEO for IFMSA-Qc this year and I will be travelling with our delegation to Lima to attend this year’s Regional Meeting of the Americas. The road has been quite long to get here, but the time has finally…
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