When Ex(change) sessions SCORE your heart ❤ – Part 1

When Ex(change) sessions SCORE your heart ❤ – Part 1

RM of the Americas 2018 – Day 4: The Exchange Fair
Today was the famous Exchange Fair! Yay!!!

I prepared myself as best as I could beforehand by reflecting on the work the teams of IFMSA-Québec’s SCORE/SCOPE have done so far during our term and what we plan on doing by the end of the latter. I also brought maple cookies to promote the province of Québec (and honestly I wish I could have brought poutine and a whole sugar shack with me!!!). I turned my stand into a tourism center and I had a lot of fun introducing my hometown to foreigners! I also had amazing friends from other NMOs (shout out to IFMSA-Brazil) and, of course, Jean-Baptiste Tremblay (IFMSA-Québec’s baby mascot) who kept me company the whole time!

On another note, I unfortunately did not have much time to visit the other stands as I was the only one taking care of mine. I wish the activity lasted longer, so I would have had the time to at least get a glimpse of the other countries’ cultures and discuss about research opportunities with NMOs that IFMSA-Québec didn’t sign contracts with.

At the end, we did a big photoshoot session with all of the SCOREans and SCOPEans to immortalize this amazing morning!

The Exchange Fair is surely one of the highlights of my RM. It has been now two years I am involved in exchange committees (LEO last year and NORE this year) and it was only today that I felt a true sense of belonging to these committees. Indeed, I felt that today I tied strong bonds with the other SCOREans and SCOPEans, so much that, right in the middle of the activity, I started to feel nostalgia… It was the moment I realized I will be holding the dearest memories of today’s family time.