The preGA in Ohrid

The preGA in Ohrid

I chose to attend the external representation (ER) preGA at the AM2015. I was actually very excited that these sessions were offered to us. ER is one of my newest interests as I hope to promote health on a higher platform. As a local public health officer for almost 2 years, I have always organized local campaigns and promoted my ideas on a small scale. By getting involved with the Quebec Medical Association, I realized that Quebec is open to youth empowerment and values our ideas. I have recently been invited to attend and present a motion on organ donation at the general counsel of the Canadian Medical Association. I believed that this workshop will give me the tools to be prepared for that high level meeting. I have also been actively applying to IFMSA delegation calls for external representation.

On the first day of the preGA, I learned about the history of IFMSA and the UN. I also found out some good news. I had been chosen to be part of the IFMSA Delegation that will attend the 54th Directing Council of PAHO/ 67th Session of the Regional Commitee of the World Health Organization Regional Office for The Americas. I’m so excited for that amazing opportunity!

During the preGA, I also learned about advocacy and campaigning, communication, and policy briefs. I really enjoyed the end of the preGA, when the Liaison Officers explained their work during external meeting. Learning from other people’s experiences is something I value. I therefore also enjoyed listen the lessons Ago has learned from being IFMSA president.

I have met great people and have already made great memories. I can’t wait for the GA! I need to go back to preparing SCOPH Sessions now.

Talk to you later,