The Indian experience

The Indian experience

Hey everyone,

As many of you might know by now, the AM2012 event found itself in a really particular situation. Trainings and committee sessions are still happening while the higher level of administration are figuring out what to do with the present situation.

The Indian experience was the slogan that was used to promote the AM over the last months and now it is being used ironically to talk about the experience that we are having with the logistics of the conference. We will see what decision come out of the meetings and will adapt to the situation at the given time.

Today, I attended the first day of NMO management session where we got to know a little bit more about the the corporate identity and the branding of an enterprise and how it could translate to our NMO. It was nice to go over it one more time and reemphasize some of the marketing strategies I already knew.

Tomorrow’s schedule includes interesting topics such as public speaking and new technologies.