Subregional Training in León / México parte 1

Subregional Training in León / México parte 1

Hey everyone,

Long time no see! So much has changed since I last posted about the IFMSA Regional Meeting (RM) in Colombia. I was so inspired by this international event that united medical students that I now strive to better my skills in Public Health and become an exceptional advocate. « Think Globally, Act Locally. » I can finally truly understand the meaning of that IFMSA motto.

Lets just catch up…
After the RM, I decided to attend the Training New Trainers (TNT) that was given in Montreal. This capacity-building weekend gave me the tools to become a trainer and facilitate sessions. I learned about communication, leadership, teamwork, advocacy and campaigning.

I then contacted my friends at IFMSA-México to help them with the first Subregional Training in the Americas Region. I decided to work with Sergio Menchaca, the SCOPH Regional Assistant of the Americas and Rafael Valle, the Mexican National Public Health Officer’s Assistant. Together, we created the first Public Health Training (PHT).

From June 18 – June 21, 2015, I gave my first trainings and talked about advocacy and communication. I am so proud of all of our international participants. They were eager to learn during our activities and didn’t hesitate to ask questions.

The first generation of Public Health Trainers are amazing. I am confident they will share the knowledge we gave them, with their local committees, in order to create more Public Health Trainers.

Finally, I would like to thank
– The Organizing Committee (OC), for this amazing SRT and the delicious food
– Sergio Menchaca, for making this all possible
– Rafael Valle, for his help with Public Health issues
– Frida M Vizcaíno Rios, for encouraging me to attend the SRT and answering my questions
– IFMSA-México, for receiving me with open arms
– The PHT participants, for making my first experience facilitating incredible
– Every single medical student I met in León, for inspiring me to continue working on Public Health advocacy.

Some photos of the PHT:

But this is not the end… Puerto Vallarta was an other adventure. Stay tuned!

Orange hugs,
Aline D. Khatchikian
SCOPH – Standing Committee on Public Health