Something Unexpected

Something Unexpected

The following happened yesterday. For practical reasons, I will keep this article in the present tense.

Today is the second day of the pre general assembly (pre-GA) of the general assembly (GA) of the international federation of medical school association (IFMSA) in Taiwan (Tw).

Everything is fine on my end. I mean, I am attending Neglected Tropical Disease sessions. In this session, we are reminded that the world is fucked up. P.S.: if you are someone “official” reading this, please replace my last sentence by: we learn the following.

  • Unequal distribution of drugs around the world
  • Neglected Tropical disease and why they are neglected
  • Patents, patenting, licensing, TRIPs
  • CEWG report
  • Midwest Academy Strategy Chart (campaigning)
  • UAEM

I will not elaborate on why I used such a pejorative word to describe the world. If I do, I fear that big PhRMA (notice there’s an “a” missing) and friends would kill me.

On a lighter side of this blog entry, something absolutely terrible happened to me today. During our first break, around 10:21 am, I went downstairs to take a beverage. I had some cold tea. That was good. Afterwards, I went to take a sip of juice cuz I felt like it. It was reaaaaaaly refreshing. Soooo, I had an idea: whenever I go around that juice distributor, I will have a glass of juice. So, for the next hour and a half, that felt like forever, that idea was in the back of my head. I was talking and acting normally ; no one could imagine that this was on the back of my mind. By 12:34, I went by the distributor and pulled down the lever; it was empty. I couldn’t believe it! It was supposed to be perfect. Everything had been planned out meticulously and I was soo patient. I will get another juice one day, but I missed this one, this perfect circumstance, the perfect juice. This memory will be part of me forever, it will be expressed by the way I talk, I walk, and by the way I do not eat chalk at which ever O’clock.

Tis all

Peter :C

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