RM in Lima, part III

Hi everyone,

Getting back was a bit of a struggle because of a snowstorm, but here I am, back in Quebec City. Yes, I do miss Lima’s oppressive heat. However, this is not what I will miss the most. The Regional Meeting has been such an amazing experience. Attending the SCORE sessions gave me a deeper understanding of how the exchanges were working. I learned about the international contracts, the procedure to create new local committees, the pre-departure training, etc. Another part of the IFMSA formation was capacity building. The training aimed to help us improve ourselves and acquire skills that will be useful to us as active members of the IFMSA, but also as future doctors and human beings in general. My favourite workshop was the one on conflict management. It had a lot of theory but also quite a few oral speaking activities where we had to debate on a giving topic. For me, the highlight of the week was giving my presentation in front of the whole assembly. Overall, it went fairly nicely. I knew my topic and had read my presentation many times. I just had a bit of a problem with time management and had to cut in the content. I got 3rd position out of 6, which was satisfying for a first experience of the like. Lastly, I cannot overlooked the social aspect of the RM. I have met so many inspiring people from all over the continent. They introduced me to new ways of thinking and taught me about their different cultures. I feel very grateful that I got to meet every one of them. Hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to meet them at another meeting!

Now if you excuse me, I’ll catch back on all the sleeping and studying that I’ve missed.