Only 12 days left, IN SOLIDARITY, WE STAND.

Only 12 days left, IN SOLIDARITY, WE STAND.

On the 8th November 2013 the Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines, second-deadliest typhoon on record. More than 4 000 dead and millions of displaced people. The needs for health, assistance and security were huge, so huge. But, the medical students from AMSA-Philippines decided to immediately create a new project to bring emergency kits to the population in needs in their own country.

In the same time, on the other side of the globe, some students decided to launch a national campaign in solidarity with their colleagues in the Philippines. Rapidly, the NPO, NOGH (NO for Global Health), president and NORP from IFMSA-Québec organize with the help of many other students, several events in Québec. The aims were quite simple: fundraise for the projects of AMSA-Philippines and raise awareness on climate changes, migrants and their influences on global and public health. In only 5 days, more than 1 000$US were collected.

Because, in solidarity, we stand and in global cooperation, we believe, we, as IFMSA-Québec, decided to expand our national campaign to the international level. It’s now strongly supported by the SWG on Disaster management of the SCORP and the Think Global Initiative. Some similar events will take place in other NMOs.

Because, those horrible natural disasters will probably become more frequent with the climate changes. Because, we are a vigorous federation; in solidarity, we can stand against inclement weather of nature and raise our voice.

Join this international campaign! Stand united.


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