One of the Greatest Slaps in the Face

One of the Greatest Slaps in the Face

This blog entry was written on Friday 11th of January, 2013 :

The end is nigh. My great moments in Salvador are almost over. I’m in a bus bringing me from the resort to San Salvador. It’s almost time to go back to the routine that’s been keeping me occupied for so many years. Escaping that routine has been spectacular.

I just slept, didn’t have enough energy to stimulate finger muscles and brain coordination. Did I dream? Yes… of people trying to wake me up. One thing I noticed during the Regional Meeting was that my dreams oddly lasted longer and seemed more realistic.

It’s not easy to leave. I know I’ll miss the meeting, the country, but most importantly, the people.

Dear colleges from all delegations and all participants of the regional meeting,

You’ve changed my perception of life and I have no idea how to repay you. It’s never enjoyable to change (consideration that it often feels like a slap in the face), especially when you’re completely aware of it. But the change you’ve induced in me makes me feel quite blissful. You’ve taught me so much about your countries and your cultures, but most importantly, about life. You’ve transformed some of my predisposed media-oriented ideas into real ideas. You’ve shared with me for the past 12 days a « joie de vivre » that will always remain among the best memories of my life.

I truly wish to see you again in other IFMSA meetings. I will indeed miss you all. In the other hand, considering that you’ve influenced the way I perceive life today, you will indirectly keep me company for the rest of my life.

Thanks again, goodbye and hope to see you again.

Peter Maliha