One Hundred Years of Solitude

One Hundred Years of Solitude

One of the hardest topics I’ve written about has to be myself. I always hesitate between describing how I perceive myself, or how others do, because part of me still doesn’t know who I really am. Or maybe I’m just scared of being selfish. The last time I had to think about the same topic was two years ago, when I applied to medical school.

But that was ages ago. Everything just seems to go fast in medical school, and I realize that I am already in second year. Only a year away from clerkship: time is running out for me.

Now that I look back, I regret joining the team this late: I’ve already missed out on so many opportunities to change my world, step by step. IFMSA-Québec wasn’t really active nor well-known at my campus, therefore I spent M1 being involved in other extracurricular activities.  The new IFMSAer I am spent the first months of my second year starting the local team anew, since I am one of the Standing Committee on Reproductive Health including AIDS’s (namely SCORA) local officer.

Reproductive health has to be the most appealing subject to me among IFMSA-Quebec’s standing committees. Even in 2012, people are sometimes still being denied rights, care, and support solely based on their gender or beliefs about their own sexuality. Since reproductive health is considered private, few are able to speak out loud what others think quietly because of associated taboo and stigma.

The medical student in me needs too much of my attention I sometime wonders where the true Nina went. Looking around my room I get a glimpse of who I am: watercolors sets, undone knitting projects, an unkempt sketchbook, foreign literature books, and various foreign languages dictionaries litter my personal space. My hobbies are mostly art-related, but recently I grew keen on learning foreign languages.

Everytime I travel by myself I always bring an inspiring novel with me. Can you guess its author ?

Having family in four different continents created the urge to travel in me, but made me grew more sensible to cultural differences. No wonder I speak four languages fluently, and soon five ! Flying to El Salvador will be my first trip ever to Latin America, and I plan to bring some Spanish words back home along with motivation and fresh ideas of projects in mind.

This RM is my first one, but I intend to make the most out of my IFMSA experience before I officially receive my white coat next year. I’m leaving in less than a month, on New Year’s Day, but yet it seems so long.

There is a remedy for waiting, isn’t it ?


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