Nihow Kitty

Nihow Kitty

Sorry for the title.

The GA is over and 2 days of tourism also.

There’s much to say but memory fades away too fast.

Two (or three) days ago I was exposed to idiocy. I would say it’s cool but it’s become mainstream. A SCOPE bylaw that no NMO could possibly respect passed… hourah. I’ll leave it to that. It’s probably going to be put down next general assembly when the chair does not succumb to impatience.

Now that I’ve ruined your good mood, let me get you back on tract just to prove to you how manipulable you truly are.

Life’s ironic fellas. Here’s an example here : The first day of the GA the Taiwanese president came to talk to us. His speech was really good. Thus, everyone thought that Taiwan had a great government. After discussing this with many locals, we’ve learnt that his popularity levels are presently under 10%.

The GA was populated by around 800 people. But in my mind, I only think of few people. I’ve gotten to chat with quite a few people, and most of them will just be fragwents of useless memory; not because it happens, but because that’s how much value I give to most of my encounters in GAs. Now… it may seem that I’m antisocial, but I think it’s normal. I’ve been trying to figure out the past few years whether I’m an introvert or an extravert. From my last statement, the reflex would be to etiquette me as an introvert. But then again, expressing such ideas in a blog make me extravert. I strongly believe that we all lead dichotomous lives. It makes me think a bit of the Yin and Yang the Chinese fancy so much. The only way to feel good is to balance everything: even personality.

The closing ceremony was nice. I said goodbye to new friends and acquaintances.

Tourism was also quite nice. We went water racing for a day : it was marvellous.

The Taiwan airport departure section is nice.

This is the end of my blog entries AMTaiwan2014.

Peter Maliha

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