MM 2018 Blogue entry #2

MM 2018 Blogue entry #2

Sara Dionne speaking again here! So in my first blogue entry I briefly went over my experience in SCORA sessions specifically and now I’d like to take a general look at the whole meeting.

Logistics were fantastically done. The schedule was well balanced and plenaries went quite smoothly as well. I happen to really enjoy plenaries, from role call (especially Lebanon’s call) to various presentations and Spain’s classic direct negatives on almost everything. It’s also always nice to try to speak a little Spanish during Americas sessions.

There was even not that much WiFi issues on my part – for a GA – and food service’s efficiency was just beyond anyone’s hopes I think – and delicious. Social program was fun even though I only attended cultural show (best thing ever can we please film the whole thing when it happens in Montreal) and NFDP (please never film an NFDP).

Thank you so much IFMSA-Quebec for this incredible learning opportunity and chance to meet again with great people and meet even new ones just as awesome.

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