Université Laval


In order to raise awareness and mobilize people around social, cultural and global health issues, IFMSA-Quebec is actively involved on the local and national stages within the four faculties of medicine in Quebec, in particular that of Université Laval where exchanges are very popular, as are the Osmosis, Sexpert and CRIAC committees.

Recognition of territories

Quebec is on the traditional territory of the Wendake-Nionwentsïo. Please visit https://native-land.ca/ to learn more about the people’s whose land you’re on.

For More Information

Kelly Gainsbarre
Campus Coordinator of Université Laval
[email protected]

Local Team

Magalie Bühlmann-Charette et Laurence Lebel
Local coordinators of the SCOGH committee
[email protected]

Élizabeth Tardif-Proulx et Nabil Amraoui
Local coordinators of the SCORA committee
[email protected]

Julien Belanger et Corinne Labeau-Caouette
Local coordinators of the SCORP committee
[email protected]

Béatrice Blier et Sopĥia Girard
Local coordinators of the SCOPH committee
[email protected]

Chitron Nahar Rahman et Gavin Tu
Local coordinators of the SCORE committee
[email protected]

Catherine Vu et Djamdoudou Abdou Rahman
Local coordinators of the SCOPE committee
[email protected]ifmsa.qc.ca